Nike Running Revolution 5

Revolution 5 is the latest model of Nike’s Revolution series. It is one of the best prices for running shoes. It is built softly to enhance comfort when running over short distances. Similarly, the feel and performance at large can relate to other expensive models of training shoes. It is an excellent shoe that will take you through short distance outdoor exercises when the weather is dry and friendly.

Most of the shoe have common problems e.g.- they don’t accurate to their size. But Revolution 5 don’t have this problem. There is enough space for the foot movement which feel like natural movement and comfortable.

The Lightweight design fits for multipurpose use.


  •  Comes at a reasonable price
  •  Lightweight and Durable
  •  You can use it to attend gym workouts or classes


  •  It’s thin upper encourages penetration of water and moisture
Shoe Specification
Brand :Nike
Model :Revolution 5
Weight :10.65 oz
Type :Neutral
Offset :10mm (Forefoot: 14.5mm, Heel: 24.5mm)

The Upper

The upper part is made off of knit textile. It has enough mesh for your foot to breath especially in summer. The mesh feels lightweight and soft. Minimalist design fits in almost any type of use. It is true to its size. It have great fit to narrow as well as wide foot. Means there is no size issue.

The Sole

Mid sole is made off of soft foam which provides a smooth and stable ride, and feels excellent Lightweight cushioning. The rubber outsole have more traction on variety of surface. The sole looks thinner but feels excellent cushioning. The sole have enough padding which feels more comfortable and food can flex naturally. The sole is not so thick and looks latest designed. It has a offset of 10mm which provide enough drop and suitable for every surface.


Over all, Nike revolution 5 is a low price shoe for its design and comfort and durability. It is better for variety of surface and multipurpose use. Means you can use it for every running surface, workout and all day use.